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Lead Suite Lead WordPress Plugin

Auto Posting on Fan Pages

This Ninja Plugin will AUTO Posts UNLIMITED Content in Any Niche  to your Unlimited Fan pages via Links post to engage more audience for your page ON COMPLETE AUTOPILOT.

Once you go live, these new fans will start engaging with your FB live thus increasing your audience reach without you taking any efforts....

Thus cycle loop of Live Suite Lead Plugin Working & Live Suite Pro FB live video will give you REAL FRESH TARGETED traffic at exponential rate

Ninja FB Live Video Analytics

Get Wistia Like Detailed Video Analytics about your each FB Live Videos

Discover how much of each video your visitor has watched, and which videos are providing the most value to your business.

You will see powerful engagement graph for every second in your FB Live Video once it's over so you can make better engaging videos every time.

Better Plan your Future FB Live Videos Plus edit existing videos by removing less engaging parts and highlighting parts which engaged more audience.

Work on Your weak parts in FB Live for stronger results in Future.

Monetisation Triggers - Overlays (Logos, CTA’s etc.)

What’s the best way to monetize FB Live Videos?
Call To Action Annotations

Use Monetisation Triggers like Call To Actions Annotations which can be Overlay on the top of any FB live video to encourage the viewer to take any action to maximize your profits.

Plus Go live with your company Logo like professionals to boost branding

This Feature is only available in Ninja Version and completely absent in all other softwares till date.

No One Come Close To Live Suite Ninja

7 Fig. Facebook VIP Mastermind Group

Get In Touch With Masters Of Fb Traffic, Experts In Area who will share their knowledge, current trends, secrets to boost results only in VIP Mastermind Group.

You can get personal support from Live Suite Pro Team, Request for Top Performing Templates In Any Niche, Take Consultation From Team Or fellow group members.

Remain Secure Among Like-Minded People who will push you towards success with all the help you need related to FB live & Other Methods.

Elite Training- “How To Grow 100k Fb Fans Traffic In Any Niche”

Facebook Experts Gaurav & Saurabh will share their experience and strategy to grow multiple fb page fans to 100k+ in less than 3 months

Like they did 125,000+ Fans for multiple pages.

This is Elite training where you’ll be taught FREE Methods to bring Targeted Traffic in any niche using fail-proof strategy.

Webinar Topic:

"How to Grow your Fan pages from Scratch to 125,000 likes in 3 Months"

Along with other regular Live webinar calls to help you in business.

FB Video Site Library or Blog Template - Lead Generation FB Live Templates To Use On Your Website

You will be able to make FB live videos blogs or video sites library
where a visitor can check all of your past FB live videos

We'll give you 25 Video Repurposing Lead Generation Templates plus we'll give you 25 Templates every month for next six months to grow your list on steroids

Let other's struggle in FB ads and YouTube library sites while you use current trend as your power to win in making Library and Video Site blogs using your all past fb live videos.

We’ll give You: 25 Video Repurposing Lead Generation Templates + 
25 Templates every month for next six months

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Easy Mobile Squeeze Pages (VALUE: $97)

Capture 200% More Leads on Mobile Devices!


WP BotBlocker Plugin (VALUE: $17)

Stop your WordPress site from being attacked by hackers!


Traffic Extreme (VALUE: $27)

Uncover Top Ways To Creating Unstoppable Traffic To Your Websites!


WordPress Countdown Genius (VALUE: $37)

Create timed campaigns that will enable you to increase conversions!


Digital Graphics Firesale (VALUE: $47)

Imagine Increasing Your Conversions and Sales with PROFESSIONALLY-CRAFTED, HUGE and PROFIT-BUILDING Digital Graphics that Helps You Save 10x More This Year… Guaranteed!


Suggestion Box Plugin (VALUE: $97)

Ask your customers what they need with the help of this plugin and give them exactly what they want.


List Authority (VALUE: $47)

Discover How To Build An Email List of 1000 Subscribers In 30 Days And Profit From Your First Newsletter… Find Out The Exact Steps And System To Start And Build A Highly-Profitable Email List And Keep Growing It For Years To Come..


Delayed Buttons Plugin (VALUE: $97)

Withholds the payment button until a set amount of time has passed! Dealy your buy buttons on sales page and show it when they are ready to buy.


Targeting Instagram (VALUE: $67)

How To Get Targeted Traffic From Instagram!


Affiliate Launch Theme (VALUE: $97)

Create Stunning And Profitable JV/Affiliate Pages!

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